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For Tech Transfer

Accelerate Your Patent Marketing with FirstIgnite

Revolutionize your patent marketing process, connect with potential licensees, and boost your licensing revenue.

Quick Patent Summaries

Easily create marketing summaries for your patents, including descriptions, problems solved, key advantages, and market applications, allowing you to effectively communicate your inventions to a wider audience.

Targeted Licensee Identification

With FirstIgnite’s advanced algorithms, effortlessly generate a list of potential licensees and their competitors, enabling you to focus your marketing efforts on the most relevant companies and boost your chances of success.

Contacts at Your Fingertips

Access contact information and email addresses for over 185 million professionals, identifying the right people to introduce your licensing opportunities to.

Ready to supercharge your tech transfer office's patent marketing process?

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FirstIgnite has completely transformed our Tech Transfer Office's patent marketing strategy. We're now able to devote more time to critical tasks and see an increase in licensed technologies and revenue.

With FirstIgnite, we've been able to connect with major companies that were previously out of reach. Their streamlined process saved us time and resources - a game-changer for our office.

The quick patent summarization and licensee identification features have made our marketing efforts more targeted and effective. FirstIgnite has truly revolutionized the tech transfer process for us.

Our tech transfer office has seen a significant shift in the number of companies we're talking to and subsequently licensing our patents, all thanks to FirstIgnite. Their platform is incredibly user-friendly and efficient.