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How FirstIgnite Supports Career Service Offices

By May 5, 2023May 24th, 2023No Comments

What companies are hiring in the field I’m most passionate about?  How will we find employers for our career fair?  Who can we partner with for experiential learning?

These are questions that every Career Services Office has dealt with.  Identifying corporate partners and getting in touch with them has not been an easy task.  Until now.

With FirstIgnite, Career Services professionals can identify companies and connect with their hiring teams instantly.  How does it work?  Look below:

Let’s say you have a student interested in “Electric Vehicles” – first run a company search to identify the companies working this space.

Next, run a search on that company to find contacts they can reach out to:

With FirstIgnite, you can identify the email addresses of over 265M professionals.  This enables your students to follow up after interviews, reach out to learn more about working for the company, and develop their network.
FirstIgnite enables a career service office to get in touch with (almost) every single company in the world.  By incorporating our software into your processes, you can increase the opportunities for students, improve attendance at career fairs, and make your day-to-day life easier than before.