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Collaborate: Advanced Energy Research and Technology Center

By July 17, 2023No Comments

Stony Brook University’s Advanced Energy Research and Technology Center (AERTC) has partnered with FirstIgnite to connect with companies seeking collaborative support. This partnership offers a range of advantages, including access to technical expertise, cutting-edge research findings, grants and proposal opportunities, seed funding, tailored solutions for business needs, access to top talent, government procurement opportunities, and workforce development. AERTC is also interested in supporting collaborative projects involving third-party technology validation, beta testing, and assistance in developing demonstration sites.

The AERTC is committed to driving innovation in energy research, education, and technology deployment. Their focus lies on key areas such as efficiency, conservation, renewable energy, and nanotechnology, aiming to explore new and novel energy sources.

The Stony Brook team is seeking industry collaboration. If your company is interested in exploring a partnership, you can schedule a conversation with the Stony Brook University team directly through their team’s calendar here.