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Collaborate: Feedstock National User Facility

The Idaho National Laboratory’s Feedstock National User Facility has partnered with FirstIgnite to identify companies that are interested in leveraging their world-class capabilities in processing and separating waste, biomass, liquids, and other materials. This facility is the Department of Energy’s only feedstock preprocessing user facility, providing advanced equipment, technology, and expertise to assist industries with challenges like preprocessing, scale-up, integration, logistics, sustainability, and characterization.

This facility includes a full-scale, fully integrated process development unit, a characterization laboratory, and an organized, secure feedstock library. These assets work together to tackle the challenges presented by biomass variability, while also identifying key biomass/material variables such as particle size, composition, and flowability.

The Idaho National Laboratory team is seeking companies interested in leveraging their capabilities to achieve joint research, development, or demonstration goals. If your company is interested in exploring a partnership, you can schedule a conversation with the Idaho National Laboratory team directly through their team’s calendar here.