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FirstIgnite Success Story: Stony Brook University Technology Transfer Marketing Campaign

By July 1, 2022No Comments

Campaign Objective:

FirstIgnite and Stony Brook University (SBU) partnered together this past Spring to increase corporate engagement support for Dr. Anthony Lubinsky and his team’s portfolio of technologies regarding dual-screen digital radiography.


Campaign Methodology:

FirstIgnite combined multiple technologies into a single marketing campaign in order to better communicate with potential licensing partners the full scope of SBU’s digital radiography portfolio. This approach increased the reach by expanding the net of total potential companies interested in meeting with the university.  Next, FirstIgnite leveraged patents and publications associated with the portfolio in order to identify as many companies and contacts as possible.

With this large net of potential licensees identified, FirstIgnite conducted a 30 day marketing campaign, reaching out via email and LinkedIn to over 200 people at 80 companies.


Campaign Outcome: 

FirstIgnite was able to connect the Stony Brook team with organizations around the world, including Anritsu, Esaote, Philips and more. These teams, interested in potential licensing opportunities with Stony Brook, now have a direct one to one feed with SBU staff moving forward into the future and for new collaborations.


Partner Quote: “FirstIgnite’s efforts were effective in bringing together technologists from the university with counterparts at companies with the resources to develop and commercialize mutually interesting inventions.” – Dr. Anthony Lubinsky


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