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Using AI to Find Patent Licensees

By April 10, 2024April 12th, 2024No Comments

Firstignite is an AI software that efficiently increases outbound communication about your team’s projects, educating potential collaborators and facilitating collaboration. One function of FirstIgnite that makes this efficiency possible is the ability to quickly find and get in touch with patent licensees.

FirstIgnite’s advanced software helps you approach the right licensees. How does it work?  Look below:

Let’s say you have a patent in the field of lasers. With FirstIgnite, you can input your invention details, then apply the “licensing” filter for tailored results.

The artificial intelligence software efficiently generated a comprehensive list of companies that may be interested in licensing your patented technology, along with precise reasons as to why each company is a good fit. Now, you can select the contacts within these companies and initiate outbound communication.

By utilizing this tool, offices can market their patent portfolio 10x faster than ever before.  By promoting your patents to carefully selected licensees, you not only boost engagement from various companies but also pave the way for a substantial rise in licensed technologies and subsequent licensing revenue.

FirstIgnite software is available for license. Please reach out to our team to inquire about getting a demo scheduled today!